Understanding the Medical Use of Drugs such as Marijuana

When people hear anything in the news about drugs, negative images usually come to mind, images of drug users or those who deal and push drugs. However, in all fairness, it should be understood that drugs themselves are not harmful. It is the abuse of drugs that becomes harmful. Any time a person does not understand the purpose of something, he or she will abnormally use it, or abuse it. If the proper channels are taken, the true purpose of any drug can be discovered. Then, its use can be beneficial for mankind in some way.

One of the most common drugs that is used in the wrong way, or for recreational purposes is marijuana. Known by many names, such as Mary Jane, weed and grass, the drug has been given a bad wrap. The drug, as do most, has a medicinal property. Here is information about using marijuana today, and some of the benefits:

  • Marijuana has a property in it that is used to create the medicinal properties that many medical professionals are recommending: cannabis. One of these properties is cannabidiol, which can have an effect on the brain without leaving the user high. The other property is tetrahydrocannabinol, which has pain-relieving agents.
  • Marijuana has been used to treat glaucoma. It decreases the pressure upon the eyes, helping to slow glaucoma down, and even prevent blindness.
  • Marijuana has been tried and proven to increase the capacity of the lungs, unlike tobacco, which has carcinogenic effects.
  • Those people who suffer from epilepsy have found relief by using marijuana. The tetrahyrocannabinol helps to control the seizures.
  • A chemical has also been found in marijuana that helps to control the spreading of various cancers.

More and more studies are being conducted to validate the genuine medical benefits of marijuana and other cannabis products. More than 20 states in the United States have already opted to legalize medical marijuana. As the scientists and researchers begin to document the long term benefits of using the drug, more states will join in.



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